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Welcome to Slakademika

This blog is an anonymous collaboration between several junior academics seeking to make their fame (but obviously not their fortune) in the lower echelons of Higher Education in the UK. Despite the whimsical, embittered – but hopefully amusing – mutterings aired on here, we aim to expose the realities of a sector increasingly defined by the replacement of pipes and beards with berets and hemp trousers.

We discuss and offer illumination of academics, the UKHE job market, the nature of research funding, undergraduates, faculty, ‘the visiting Ukrainian’, staff room (sexual) politics, administrative staff, new ‘universities’ and the general greasy mechanisms that churn out the next generation of bright and shiny 2:1 students.

Our discussion may suggest a hatred of UKHE. This is far from the truth – we hold it dear to our hearts, and continue to ‘enjoy’ the challenges our associations with it brings. Most of all, we favour change and improvement of UKHE in order that it may have a more distinct role to play in the economic, social, political and cultural life of the country.